Our Mission is

The ADA Task Force is committed to a mission of statewide impact: To maximize the capacity of Idaho citizens and organizations to accurately understand and effectively implement the Americans with Disabilities Act

Services Provided by the Task Force

The ADA Task Force is a non-profit organization serving people with disabilities, businesses, public agencies, builders, architects and all other individuals and entities affected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. To carry out our mission of helping Idahoans understand and implement the ADA , the Task Force provides an array of services. visit https://www.5reeldriveslots.com/ for more information.

  • ADA Consultation
  • Material Distribution
  • Information/Referral Network
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Awareness Activities
  • Building Plan Review
  • Site Review
  • Policies/Procedures Review

Cost of services are dependent on request.

The ADA Task Force is the only organization who provides statewide technical assistance, training, and materials to whomever is affected by the ADA. We provide a neutral and un-biased perspective on issues that involve the ADA and are not an advocacy organization.

Accessibility Survey Assessments

Barrier Removal & Space Review
A single space or element review with a letter of finding. Usually used to assist individuals with city, state or county planning and zoning. A walk-through to point out obvious barriers with a representative of the facility, followed by a brief written summary. This level would not be considered a full site survey, but may be used to recognize barriers that may be readily achievable to remove or used to create a budget plan.

Basic Facility Survey
Usually a larger & more thorough survey utilizing a checklist specific to the facility type. This survey type would include a summary and report.

Full Facility, Program and Services Survey
A greater level of reporting and documentation and utilizing an even more detailed assessment tool like the Access Boards’ (ATBCB) ADAAG Checklist. Policies for services and/or programs offered to the public are surveyed. This type of survey will always provide a high level of documentation, to include a full narrative.

Policy, Procedure, and Accommodation Process Survey
This survey reviews the employment application, interviewing and accommodation process