Overview of William Hill Casino

William Hill Casino is a bit of a British institution. Encompassing brick-and-mortar and online sportsbooks as well as both real-world and online casinos, it is one of the larger companies in Britain and has been traded publicly on the London Stock Exchange since the 1950s. The website reflects its age with the elegant italic logo and tasteful blue-and-white color scheme, and the whole set-up leaves an impression of age and tradition.

The casino is not available for Americans, but for those in the UK and Europe, it’s a classic that still brings an awful lot to the table. Like many other casinos, William Hill’s online branch offers both a downloadable version and web-only flash games. While the downloadable version offers improved graphics and faster responses, the instant-play option is a great way to test out the games without making a huge commitment.

William Hill Live Casino-get £10 free plus a £300 Welcome Bonus!They also offer a fun mode so you can play without risking any real cash until you feel ready to take the leap, which can be great to help you get up to speed on games that you might not be familiar with already. Once you’re ready to get started playing in earnest, William Hill offers a pretty solid sign-up bonus. They give a 150 percent match up to £150, and a smaller percentage match all the way up to £1000 on a £3000 deposit. In addition to these beginner bonuses, they also offer a year-round 20 percent bonus up to £100 pounds every month for your first year.

There are also smaller bonuses around 10 to 15 percent for long-term members on every deposit, so there’s always an incentive to keep playing long after you’ve made your first deposits. Gimmicky promotions are kept to a minimum, so most of the offerings here are cash bonuses rather than scratch-offs, free spins, or other in-game offers. In terms of games, William Hill offers a reasonably-sized selection of over a hundred different games.

William Hill Live Casino-get £10 free plus a £300 Welcome Bonus!It’s not a huge number of games, but it’s enough variety to keep most people busy, and the games themselves are of very high quality. Unlike many newer casinos, they focus more on card and table games with just a few slots, which makes a nice change from casinos that feature hundreds of flashy slots with perhaps a bland poker game thrown in for the purists.

Craps at William Hill Casino
The craps game at William Hill is pretty easy on the eyes. The half-table display is slightly offset and colored a pleasing blue, and the mechanism for placing chips is easy and comes with a satisfying click. The dice are thrown by a simple button, and the animation showing them bouncing from right to left is smooth and realistic. While the voice-over is a little simplistic and lacks some of the jargon that gives craps its charm, the voice itself is smooth and easy to listen to. The interface is minimalistic and has just two buttons, one to roll and one to clear bets. There are a variety of keyboard shortcuts as well, which can make play a little more efficient if you’re in for the long haul. Overall, William Hill Casino offers a solid, minimalist craps game.