Overview of Maple Casino

Maple Casino is the best Canadian online casino, and it certainly is one of the best online options for Canadians. With its prominent red and white theme on a black background, it keeps the national pride prominent. Maple Casino prides itself on its huge selection of games, over 650 in the downloadable version and even more web-based games, and it’s powered by the Microgaming platform, so experienced online gamers will know exactly what to expect in terms of good graphics and sound effects. Please visit online slots for real money and win.

Maple Casino-PLAY NOW & Get up to $€500 FREEOne of the best things about Maple Casino is the variety of experiences it offers. It’s available both as a downloadable casino or go for the Instant Play version where no download is required, so players can choose the speed and convenience of having it right on their desktop or the simplicity and easy access that comes with playing the web-based games. There’s also the option of going mobile with the Maple Mobile Casino where you can game on the go or use the Maple Mobile Casino App!

The customer support is notably quick and accessible. They’re available by phone, fax, or email, and responses are practically instant. Once you’ve made some winnings, payout is fast and reliable, taking typically fewer than three days to process your request. The payout percentage is also pretty good at a little over 95 percent. While most of our readers are just there for the craps, Maple Casino does provide a good variety of casino games.

In addition to the standard casino games with table games like blackjack, video poker, baccarat, and roulette, they offer a wide range of both classic and video slots as well as a special section for novelty games. The sign-up bonuses are where Maple Casino really shines. In addition to 40 free spins for every new player with a $500 deposit. You get to keep any profit you make, although you can’t withdraw it until you play with your own money for aMaple Casino-PLAY NOW & Get up to $€500 FREE little while.










The other option is a matching deposit bonus, which matches 100 percent of your first deposit (up to $100), 50 percent of your second deposit, and a full 200 percent of your third. You won’t be able to claim these bonuses if you’ve already gotten a bonus at a Vegas Partner Lounge casino, but for everyone else, it can be a lot of free money.

Craps at Maple Casino
Since Maple Casino uses the Microgaming platform, its craps game is the same as most other Microgaming casinos: Competent, but not really that unique. Like most of Microgaming’s offerings, the graphics are very good, with an attractive half-table and nice dice-throwing animation, and the sound effects are a little repetitive but useful for announcing rolls. Unlike some other games, you don’t make any motion with your mouse to throw the dice. Instead, you simply click a button and the dice are thrown for you.

This takes away a little from the realism, but it’s a lot less exhausting if you’re playing a long session. The payouts vary a little from the traditional Vegas game. A field bet on twelve pays three to one instead of the usual two to one, which is nice. They also change the name of Place bets to Win or Lose bets. The interface itself is functional but not fancy, with buttons to undo, redo, repeat, clear, and roll, and there are is a nice variety of statistics available to let you know your play time and number of rolls as well as more detailed stats on your rolls. Overall, it’s a quality craps game even if it doesn’t bring a lot new to the table.