Overview of BetVictor Casino

BetVictor is a slightly different sort of online casino. It’s run by Victor Chandler, a well-known bookmaker who specialized in sports betting for over half a century. Starting in 2000, the corporation branched out into casino games, and the casino has been well-regarded ever since. Unlike a lot of online competitors, BetVictor is entirely web-based, with no downloadable components.

Since the casino is just part of their larger betting operation, you’ll need to navigate to it from the main page, but it only takes a click to get to where you need to register, and then you can start playing with no further hassle. The site is not open to United States residents, but its simplicity makes it a good option for residents of the UK, Ireland, and continental Europe.

Betvictor Casino-With a welcome bonus worth up to £200 in cashThe site itself is very sleek and doesn’t feature any of the irritating advertisements or garish color schemes that are all over some other casino websites, and the games hold to the same stylish standards. BetVictor offers a great balance of traditional table games like blackjack and craps as well as flashier slot games, but neither seems to overwhelm the other. All games run very well, with minimum lag or loading times. In terms of promotions, BetVictor offers up to £175 to new players, but you do have to place wagers to get it.

It operates in a tiered system where you get a £25 bonus for betting £500, £50 after wagering £1500, and £100 after £3000. In total, to get the £175 you’ll need to bet a grand sum of £5000, which is a bit much. In addition, the bonus money is only available to residents of the UK and Ireland, so if you’re from anywhere else, you’re out of luck.

Betvictor Casino-With a welcome bonus worth up to £200 in cash

On the up side, they are remarkably fast and reliable when it comes to putting the money in your account, so you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of if you do decide to go for the bonus money. They do also offer a variety of seasonal promotions, so you can find yourself in the running for a wide variety of cash and free-play prizes.

Craps at BetVictor Casino

The craps game at BetVictor Casino is pretty simple but easy to play. The game itself loads quickly and adapts without problem to whatever size screen you’d like to use. The display is a black half-table with red dice that throw from right to left. The table itself looks good, but the dice animation is a little slow and jerky.

There is the typical click-to-throw button that triggers the dice throw as well as a quick-throw option, which simply displays your results without going through the full animation. The sound effects are a little lacking. They consist entirely of a female voice that announces your roll, but there are no atmospheric effects, and most of the craps jargon seems entirely absent. All told, BetVictor’s craps game is adequate, but the jerky animation and boring sound effects make it considerably less exciting than some other options.