The Place To Be is the place to be for anyone who already loves the fast-paced excitement of craps or for anyone who wants to get started in the sometimes-intimidating world of online craps.

Lucky Nugget Casino-Get a $1,000 FREE BonusHere at New Years Craps, we’re dedicated to helping you learn the game as well as to finding the very best places to play and providing the tips and tricks you need to get the most out of your limited playtime. Why Craps? Craps is famous for being one of the most exciting casino games around. It boasts the fastest pace of any of the traditional games with over a hundred decisions an hour in a typical game, while even blackjack has only about sixty hands per hour.

With both the highest number of wagering options available and some of the best odds in the Australian Casinos – craps attracts a wide-ranging variety of players and is well-known for being surrounded by a vibrant and sometimes loud community. Even with all the excitement of real-world craps, though, the online version can be just as much fun to participate in from your very own living room.

With all of its high-speed commotion, multiple bets, and complex board games, craps can look pretty intimidating to a beginner, but in reality the game is not so hard to figure out.

Casino Action-$1250 Free Bonus at Casino Action!This is especially true for the home player, since you’ll be able to take an extra second or two to figure out what you’re doing before laying your money down. If you’re investigating craps for the first time, take a few minutes and read our brief beginner’s guide to the game so you’ll feel completely up-to-speed the first time you try your hand at it.

How to Play Despite the ruckus associated with it, craps is fundamentally a pretty simple dice game. Each player gets to take a turn being the shooter, or the guy that throws the dice.

While only one person is handling the dice at a time, everyone bets on the same rolls; you win or lose your bets regardless of whether you’re currently the shooter. Each shooter gets to keep rolling until they “seven out,” or roll a seven. Each shooter’s round starts with the come-out roll, which is where the betting starts, too. If you’re new to the table, you can tell if it’s a come-out because there will be a black disk marked “OFF” in the corner of the table, although the exact position of the disk varies by casino.

Sloto Cash Casino-200% Match on your First DepositDuring the come-out, you’ll have the opportunity to make the simplest and most common bet in the game: The pass. Even if you don’t know any of the other bets in craps, you can still have fun and do a little winning just by playing the pass. Just place your chips on the pass line and wait for the roll. Once the shooter throws the dice, a seven or eleven will win for pass. A two, three, or twelve is called craps and will lose.

Any other number becomes what is called the point, and the black “OFF” disk will be flipped to reveal the white “ON” side and will be placed on the point so everyone knows exactly what it is.

The shooter will keep rolling the dice until he throws a seven. After that first come-out roll, the pass wins if the point comes up again before a seven. If a seven comes up without seeing the point again, the pass loses. After a seven is rolled, that shooter’s turn is over, and it’s time for a new come-out with a new shooter. So what should you bet? The pass is a great place to start, and with a casino edge of just 1.41 percent, it’s also one of the best bets in the casino.

Go Wild Casino-Get the €500 Welcome BonusOnce you’re comfortable with that basic bet, though, there’s no reason not to broaden your horizon to other popular bets like don’t pass, come and don’t come, and free odds, or even the more complicated ones like the field, place, buy, hard way, and many more. Part of the fun of craps is the wide variety of bets you can make, so don’t be shy about exploring once you’ve gotten comfortable playing the basic game.